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We take stewardship of your financial assets, ever aiming to minimise risk and maximise growth, with support and advice over the years of your life.

Sedulo Wealth expertise ensures your portfolio perfectly aligns with your ambition.

Just as your goals, ambitions and wealth intertwine, so too must your planning and investments. Investing for investment’s sake naturally can produce returns, but will it help you fulfil your ambitions? Will you have the money you need when you need it?

Developing a financial plan includes defining your goals, quite literally giving your investments a target, or set of targets. We can then begin to develop your long-term investment strategy. and we’ll keep you on track with quarterly investment reports and regularly scheduled planning reviews.

This is what we mean when we say ‘plan for life’. Our wealth management services cover all of your finances, not planning or investing, but both side-by-side. When Sedulo Wealth takes stewardship of your finances you can be confident in a service provided by highly experienced, highly qualified experts at every stage.

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AJ Bell are proud to have been chosen to partner with Sedulo Wealth. We have a common set of values that puts clients at the heart both of our businesses ensuring we never underestimate the trust that people put in us to manage their hard earned money.
Ryan Hughes
Head of Investment Partnerships, AJ Bell

Our discretionary solutions

Our three discretionary solutions each have five risk profiles. Whether you value rewards most highly, are cost-conscious or ethically minded we’ve got you covered.

With considerable in-house expertise and experience combined with our partnership with AJ Bell you’ll have peace of mind that your money is being looked after by the best in the business – the Sedulo Wealth Investment Committee. AJ Bell brings to bear all the investment research and analysis capability at their disposal, and they allow access to funds that aren’t otherwise available publicly. That’s all important but, in the end we partnered with AJ Bell because their philosophies and business culture are so aligned with our own.

We apply the same level of rigour when constructing each of our portfolios and risk profiles, the choice then, is between our Core, Passive and Responsible – with your capacity for and attitude to risk ascertained through discussion with your Sedulo Wealth investment manager. Our portfolios are managed, reviewed quarterly, and rebalanced when necessary by the Sedulo Wealth Investment Committee. And you’ll get performance updates every three months.

Our portfolios

  • Core
  • Passive
  • Responsible

We constructed our Core portfolio with performance in mind. Our Investment Committee selects funds that have previously outperformed the market average. Future performance can never be guaranteed of course, but performance is the stated aim of our Core portfolio.

It’s ideal for ambitious investors who typically value growth above all.

The Sedulo Wealth Investment Committee constructed Passive with affordability in mind. Passive is designed with passively managed funds, and designed to track the market index.

Investing is a long-game, and Passive is ideally suited to investors who have the time to be patient and gain market returns over the long term.

Our advanced research identifies funds based on climate goals, such as green industries and environmental sustainability, and funds with political goals concerning human rights and community impact.

Aimed at the social, environmental, and ethically minded investor.

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Managing investments is a complex business, but investing shouldn’t be a burden. We want to make things a little easier, so we've developed a range of discretionary portfolios. And we partnered with AJ Bell, because our combined skills and experience puts you in very safe and experienced hands.
Christy Morrison
Wealth Management Director

Get in touch.

Call and speak to a member of our talented team of experts. It’ll be a friendly conversation with no obligation. Our goal is to see how we can help you with a plan for life.

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Get in touch.

Call and speak to a member of our talented team of experts. It’ll be a friendly conversation with no obligation. Our goal is to see how we can help you with a plan for life.

Phone Icon0333 222 4445